Image Recovery

Have you ever accidentally lost or deleted photos of your friends, family, children, or a very special moment? At Park Photography, we know that this can be both saddening and disheartening and we are happy to offer the capability of recovering your photos/videos. 

We use state of the art software and technology to retrieve photos and videos on a variety of different memory cards (SD, Memory Stick, xD, Compact Flash).

Let us help you restore your cherished memories!

Animoto (Slideshows)

Would you like to experience that wedding, family vacation, anniversary or birthday in a special way? Do you have a series of photos that are sitting around in boxes? Instead of flipping through a traditional photo album, why not try Animoto? Animoto is the art of putting photographs in a slideshow set to music. You pick the photographs and music, and we do the rest, including full colour printed DVD and wrap around photo cases.

Digital images are great, but we can scan your colour and and black/white photos as well. High resolution digital images will be provided to you.

Please contact us for pricing or if you have any questions.